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I’ve traveled all over the country, speaking to universities, major corporations, and private groups of all sizes on the art and power of personal storytelling.  Harnessing the fundamentals of storytelling will give you new tools to be more creative, confident, and clear.


Through engaging lectures and workshops custom-tailored to your business, retreat or event, we’ll use creative exercises to stimulate new ideas, and you’ll generate and craft your own stories right on the spot.  We’ll explore concrete ways to express ideas more clearly, to connect and engage authentically with an audience and to trust your voice.

"You were a big hit!  I’ve never gotten so many calls & email messages—yes, positive ones—before. 

Everyone mentioned your workshop and how much they enjoyed it.  You really helped set a wonderful

tone for the rest of the conference!"


                                             - Mark LeBrun, Director, Global Marketing Communications, Northrop Grumman Corporation      

My unique program is designed with business professionals in mind, and fosters creativity and team-building in the group, through the sharing of our stories.  Whether you wish to focus on the creative, educational or building better relationships, mastering this form is an essential business tool.  And – it’s fun!


I love this work so much, and I’d love to bring it to you.

to discuss a unique presentation specifically curated for your business.

Clients include:

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